Hi, I'm Georges Yared. Welcome to my blog!

I am an assistant professor in Ob-Gyn at LAU-SOM. a PhD in Quantum Leadership in Public Health from AIU, and MHM from LU.

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Social Activities

1-LOP (Lebanese Order of Physicians) activities: -Member of the Council

2-Ministry of Social Affair MOSA Medical Advisor of the Ministry of Social Affair MOSA 2010- 2011: worked on accreditation of public dispensaries in Lebanon

3-Ministry of Public Health MOPH


1-Medical Sciences

1-LEBANESE UNIVERSITY: Faculty of Medical Sciences 1997: Diploma in Medical Sciences, Lebanese University 2001: Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Lebanese University 2014: Diploma in fundamentals in medical research, Lebanese University

2-UNIVERSITY OF CLAUDE BERNARD LYON: FRANCE 2001 : AFS: Attestation de formation specialisee, Universite Claude Bernard 2002 : AFSA: Attestation de formation specialisee approfondie, Universite Claude Bernard 2002 : DIU (Diplome Inter- Universitaire): Diploma in Ob-Gyn ultrasonography, Universite Claude Bernard

3-UNIVERSITY OF CLERMONT-FERRAND 1 FRANCE 2002: European Diploma in GYN Endoscopy Clermont-Ferrand III-

2-Cosmetic gynecology 

Dermal injections fillers applications: Princess Workshop Lebanon 2018: Surgical and non-surgical Cosmetic Genecology A to Z training: Moarbes Hospital, Beirut.

3- Simulation

2017: Diploma in Clinical Simulation Education, LAU (Lebanese American University) School of Medicine 2018 and 2019 :

Certified PROMPT Instructor (Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training): Train the trainer RCOG Full course, (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) –London 2020 

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics Approved Instructor (Joint ACOG/ALSO ) Sharjah UAE 2020-National Institutes of Health (NIH): Office of Clinical Research USA Certificate in Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research 2019-2020 2020

-National Institutes of Health (NIH): Office of Clinical Research USA Certificate Principles of Clinical Pharmacology 2019-2020 --BLS : Basic life support 2020, AHA, USA

4-Public Health, Quality Management, Risk management, and Leadership

1-2016: Master degree in healthcare and quality management Technology Management Lebanese University

2-2014: Diploma in disaster planners USA Embassy in Lebanon, Defense Institute for Medical Operations USA

3-2005 : French embassy in Lebanon crisis management

4-2016 ; Formation des professeurs d`ethique, UNESCO CCNLE

5-2018: Certified accreditation manager CAM January TRACCERT Canada

6-2017 -The consultation process, TRACCERT Canada

7-2017-Certified Accreditation Surveyor, IsQua (International Society for Quality in health care) Dublin

8- PhD Quantum leadership in Public Health,  Atlantic International University Florida, USA 2020

5- Online courses

1-COVID-19 Contact Tracing Johns Hopkins University 2020

2- Data and Health Indicators in Public Health Practice Johns Hopkins University 2020

3- Essential Epidemiologic Tools for Public Health Practice Johns Hopkins University 2020

4- Study Designs in Epidemiology Johns Hopkins University 2020

5- Summary Statistics in Public Health Johns Hopkins University 2020

6- Surveillance Systems Johns Hopkins University 2020

7- Surveillance Systems: The Building Blocks Johns Hopkins University 2020

8- Introduction to Healthcare Stanford University 2020

9- Study Designs in Epidemiology Imperial College London 2020

10- standard precautions: waste management WHO 2020

11-SARI Treatment facility management WHO 2020

12-standard precautions: environmental cleaning and disinfection WHO 2020

13-Decontamination and sterilization of medical devices WHO 2020

14-Infection Prevention and control for Novel COVID-19 WHO 2020


ASSISTANT PROFESSOR at Lebanese University and the Lebanese American University faculty of Medicine since 2010 - Teaching the Endocrine and Reproductive Medicine module since 2014 Med1 students - Teaching Simulation based training in Ob-Gyn at LAU clinical simulation center - Ob-Gyn co-clerkship director since 2014